You have just found a very unique and caring company who's goals are to provides special services for families with loved ones in Assisted living facilities and Nursing homes but are not able to visit on a regular basis because of distance, work or unforeseen events. We want to improve the quality of their stay by finding ways to connect with the family and providing companionship and a sense of recognition, thus providing comfort and peace of mind for your family.

About Us


 Welcome to a one of a kind companionship experience for you and your loved one. We understand that you want to be there for that special person who has entered an assisted living facility or nursing home as often as possible. You want your loved one to be happy and healthy and to ensure that all of their needs are met. Sometimes life can make this difficult, due to distance, numerous obligations or unexpected events. WE ARE THERE FOR YOU! Let us keep that family bond connected, by providing an extensive list of fulfilling services that will build that heart-warming bridge.


Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge that your loved one is safe and secure. We will spend quality, personalized time with your loved one, and are paying close attention to details. We will focus on the condition of your loved one; their environment, t their interaction with others, and any special instructions you may have. Our Companions go through an extensive background check and vetting process. We also only choose those who display a positive and outgoing personality.


Like so many of us, I too, have had family members in long-term care, and no matter how hard you looked for the best facility you could find, in the back of your mind, you're wondering "Is this good enough"?  I recently worked in a field that brought me into these facilities on a daily basis. I quickly got acquainted with the folks that seemed lonely or who just wanted to have a conversation, and spent special time getting to know them. In my hopes of possibly enriching their lives, I soon discovered that "enrichment" is a two-way street and I received it in abundance. This benefits your entire family by providing your loved one valued companionship, and also becoming your eyes and ears. This will give you peace of mind.


How it works


We will visit a minimum of 60 minutes 3,4 or 5 days a week. Our mission is twofold:

A. Companionship. We will spend quality time with your loved ones having conversation, playing games or wherever their interests may be. Also, We would love to enhance your connection with  set up a video call with you.


B. We know that if you could be there you would want to ensure that all concerns are addressed. We have a comprehensive check list and you would be contacted immediately if anything is amiss.



 We want to enhance your family member's stay at their facility and help ensure a positive experience for all family members.

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